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Cloud Sound

Cloud Sound

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Cloud sound using the world's intangible cultural heritage Brocade as the speaker of the cloth, Brocade adhere to the traditional process, silk material, weaving very fine, So the effect of filtering noise is very good, making music more pure, So that people who enjoy music to enjoy the best sound quality results. The use of Bluetooth technology Operation, very convenient to connect to your phone and other devices, compact and portable, Enjoy music anytime, anywhere. Is the double enjoyment of hearing and vision.

Product Type:
Product Size:92*92*50MM
Bluetooth chip version: 3.0
Power: 5V 5w
Battery capacity: 3.7V 800MAH
Playback duration: 5 hours
Product features: 3.5 audio input, 3.5 audio output, TF card, Bluetooth, call.
Speaker size and main resistance: 45mm 4Ω
Signal to noise ratio: 80db
Frequency response: 100 ~ 20000HZ
Charging time: 1.5 hours
Bluetooth distance: 8 ~ 10m


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